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Harding puts back Susan G. Komen merchandise | News

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Harding puts back Susan G. Komen merchandise

The university removed the items, after complaints and rumors the organization supports Planned Parenthood.

"Harding has been a supporter in the past and has had walks on alumni weekend," says Sherrye McBryde, executive director of the Arkansas Affiliate for Komen Foundation.

A student complained that Komen funds Planned Parenthood, a provider of abortions. McBryde says other affiliates around the country fund mammograms at Planned Parenthood, but not in Arkansas.

"No Arkansas money and no national money goes to Planned Parenthood," says McBryde.

Some students were not too proud of their university after it pulled the items.

"If I can help out why wouldn't I do it," says Emily Burns, a sophomore.

While investigating the issue, the university continued to sell other breast cancer awareness items.

Breast cancer awareness is actually very dear to Harding University. The wives of the president and chancellor are breast cancer survivors.

After university officials spoke with McBryde, they decided to put the items back on the shelves.

The university released this statement:

Recently, some members of the Harding University community were concerned that the Susan G. Komen Foundation was distributing funds to organizations that support or provide abortion services. Mel Sansom, vice president for finance at Harding University, agreed to remove two items that bore the Komen Foundation logo from Harding's bookstore while researching this issue. After further review, Mr. Sansom has learned that neither the National Susan G. Komen Foundation nor the Arkansas affiliate support groups that provide abortions. Therefore, the two items have been put back on the shelves for sale in the bookstore.

While talking with representatives from Harding today, Sherrye McBride, executive director of the Arkansas Affiliate of the Komen Foundation, said, "We have a history of working together with Harding, and we will work together in the future. We [the Komen Foundation] are only about breast health." Harding University has a long history of working to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research, including working with the Komen Foundation through events such as Stroll for the Cure, an event sponsored by Harding Alumni Relations.